A Heart To heart with a Work at Home Mom

Episode 58         In this episode it’s my honor to sit down with my Daughter Samantha Marie. In this heart…...

Episode 58

        In this episode it’s my honor to sit down with my Daughter Samantha Marie. In this heart to heart podcast we discuss how she was able to chase after her goals as a stay home Mom. There are many Mothers out there whose first concern is being able to provide for their children and that is what she did. Samantha shares how she found out about an opportunity that would change her life forever. She is now climbing the ladder and working hard as a Senior Director with Lemongrass spa. A great Business whose mission is to provide families with natural effective products that are indulgent, purposeful, and more importantly chemical free. They aren’t just a company selling a product, they are a family that encourages, strengthens and uplifts one another so each individual sales representative can have the opportunity to reach their own personal life goals and more. I am blessed to have been able to sit down with my wonderful Daughter and discuss what she has been up to these past 2 years. Thanks for taking the time to listen or even watch the video version of this podcast. If you are interested in more information please contact her directly at : lemongrassqueens@gmail.com. Find her on Facebook: Samantha Marie (Lewis) or Her Facebook Group: Let’s Live Safe. I give you my word not just as her Dad but also as a client, if you are looking for a job that you can do in the comfort of your home and you care about what products you and your family use on your bodies? Then please contact Samantha Marie, it’s truly worth finding out more. Enjoy the show and God Bless You All; we look forward to hearing from you.

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