Mikes New Kidney Story Trusting God

Episode 46           It is my honor to sit with Caleb Daigle and His Father Mike Daigle as we discuss…...

Episode 46

          It is my honor to sit with Caleb Daigle and His Father Mike Daigle as we discuss Mike’s 6 year battle with Kidney Disease. As many of you know Caleb and I completed a 3 part series on Trusting God and mentioned his Father Mike and how it would be great to have him join us in a podcast. Well in this Show we will be talking with his Father Mike about the journey that nearly took his life. But God….. Intervened through a wonderful, young woman and his life changed forever, as well as his amazing family. I want to strongly encourage all of you to take the time to listen to this message, a message of hope, sadness, love, unselfishness, strength, and victory through Jesus Christ. Mike’s story is amazing and hearing about each part of his journey as He woke up each day not knowing what it would bring. God blessed him with an amazing wife and four boys who love him dearly. You will also get to hear about his amazing wife Tiffany who not only stood by his side but also filled in as Mom, Dad, Moral Support, and Wife. In Mike’s words he would never have made it through the past 6 years without her. So sit back relax and listen to this great testimony on how a Man waited 6 years for a Kidney and how a high school classmate of Caleb’s saved his Father’s life. God Bless You and Yours, please write some comments for us to share with Mike’s family and also please consider sharing, enjoy the Show.

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