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Episode 92         DISCLAIMER: As you watch this Episode, BE WARNED, I AM COLOR BLIND WHEN IT COMES TO PEOPLES…...

Episode 92

        DISCLAIMER: As you watch this Episode, BE WARNED, I AM COLOR BLIND WHEN IT COMES TO PEOPLES SKIN COLOR… you want to know why?? Because I am a follower of Jesus Christ and as a Minister I LOVE YOU! I honestly could care less if you love me back or even like me….. I LOVE YOU!

        Thanks for tuning in to this very important Episode. As a Christian Content Creator I can honestly say, the biggest thing that can hinder our productions, podcasts, writings etc.… is our mind. What you let in your mind over a period of time can truly affect the messages that you share with the world unless you grab a hold of your thoughts and stay focused on God’s calling on your life. I apologize to you, my audience, and listeners because I stepped away last week to clear my mind with everything going on. I asked the Lord what do you want me to do?? His reply was “Show Love” and that is what I plan to continue to do with this episode.

 The recent murder of George Floyd has caused a serious mess. While we focus on him and what happened, others are still being murdered of all colors, peaceful protestors are standing for what they believe in and meanwhile, satan is on the prowl and has intermingled destructive individuals who are out to kill and destroy. To the peaceful protesters out there, I say thank you for being respectful and treating each other with love. To the ones who are literally destroying businesses, neighborhoods, murdering police officers as well as other individuals, shame on you and you need to be held accountable just like the men who murdered Mr. Floyd. In this podcast, I share my heart as a 50-year-old Black American who has lived in different countries and seen people from all walks of life. So with that being said sit back relax and I hope you see my heart and understand where I am coming from.. God Bless and Love To You All!

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